The challenge was to come up with a spectacular design that not only addressed functionality but also the green elements of the structure while ensuring the odd shape of the site did not sacrifice the aesthetics. Given the triangular shape of the site, the corporate office complex designed by Ochre Architects, was conceived as two triangular towers with the common amenities connecting the towers at the lower level.

While sharp linear openings accentuate the sharp edges of the structure, the building is designed to step back at regular intervals to accommodate a landscape which in turn doubles up as spill over spaces for the respective commercial occupants. These terraces, besides serving as fire escape balconies and housing the facility for connecting individual spaces through them, are oriented towards north-east, ensuring they are shaded during the hotter part of the day.

The craftily designed multi-level structure with its spill over landscaped terraces at different levels, lends the illusion of a horizontal expanse of space, reducing the steep vertical incline. The stepped back walls at the different levels further accentuates the aesthetics of the structure, allowing the building to breathe and relax while serving to be captivating.

A circular four storied atrium at the centre leads to the common facilities at the lower level while its upper level staggers back to bring in plenty of natural light and ventilation. The atrium thus, not only serves as spectacular design element in the building, but also as a cooling system, throwing out the hot air while natural light without heat ingress filters into the interiors.

Not only does the design and orientation of the building tuned to meet green standards in construction, the materials too follow the same route, enabling the building to pitch for a green building certification.

Thus, minimum windows have been incorporated, maintaining the window to wall ratio as per the green norms, to reduce heat gain while the openings ensure sufficient natural light and ventilation seep in to merit a green certification.

The windows also incorporate single glazing with shgc value as per green certification standards to reduce heat gain. Louvers integrated into the glazing system bring cool air into the building while hot air escapes through the atrium.

The structure has also been designed to accommodate future expansions in space if sanctions permit. Thus, with the prospect of a higher FAR being permitted in the future, the structure has been designed to cater to same.

  • Year :2015
  • Client : IRV
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru