Ochre Architects Office

The plot with the office is located on a 100 feet ring road. Due to the proposed road extension, the site area available for the extension was restricted. Hence, the extension had to be looked at as a vertical development.The programme for the extension of office included an a separate structural office, a new reception area with material library and a board room, increased number of workstations, a stationary room, printer and server area, a space for two principal architects and a terrace with pantry, toilet and a dining space

The idea of the origami development was continued from the fa├žade into the various interior components of the newly extended office. These peeled surfaces allow for natural skylight from the top and air circulation from the lower levels. Hence we find the need to explain part of the architectural development, leading to the interiors. The proposed office slabs were staggered between the existing office slabs, allowing for a split level development, minimizing the circulation. Vertical stacking of the various activities allows for varying levels of privacy and interactions

  • Year : 2010
  • Client : Tushar & Shruti
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bangalore