It is an open office space without fetters,treated domineering streak here,no sudden sensory onslaughts,nothing over-powering.A harmonious amalgamation,a composite picture with a fastidiously achieved simplicity.Viewed from outside through the glass,tandem reveals the planar quality of the place,the floor and ceiling in multiple layers,the minimalist storage cabinets between the heightened panels

The ceiling and floors impose a hierarchy of space without vertical barriers,thus giving an open feel to the office.this clearly establishes territorial rights without dividing space into arbitrary allotments

It is an open office. Space without fetters, treated expansively. No domineering streak here, no sudden sensory onslaughts, nothing overpowering. A harmonious amalgamation, a composite picture with a fastidiously achieved simplicity. A pared look striven for. It speaks. of Tushar's work, of Ochre, the bustling young firm he heads, known for its unusual style, its versatility, its radicalism. "Exploring realms. Trying to push it"

Precisely what he has done here. Pushing narrow limits to admit diversity, to accommodate an idea, challenge constraint. "The main focus is ideas," he says, the initial operation always on high-minded planes. "You imaginee everything." What Tushar saw seemed devoid of possibility - three empty bays, a drab rectangle, closed-in, dark, no natural lighting, a blank far;ade on one side, little ventilation.

Then, as Tushar always does, he started with an idea. "A visual idea." Actually, the shape of an idea. It was not a quick flooding of consciousness, he points out, nor an inspirational illumination. It was more a glimpse here, a glimmer there, imagination sparking, shards interlocking, splinters dovetailing, a shade here, light there, a line, an effect, a creation.

  • Year : 2003
  • Client : Brigade
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru