RV Hostel furniture

These hostel rooms for students of architecture, had to cater to three students , with separate sleeping and working spaces apart from a dry-pantry and a wardrobe. Additionally, clear floor space was required while working on bigger models or when a large group of friends gathered.A modular-unit that could accommodate storage, drafting table and a bed had to be designed, simple enough to be replicated easily in all rooms.

The drafting-table and storage-cabinets are tucked below the bed, resulting in a slightly elevated sleeping surface. The table slides out when needed while housing space  to accommodate suitcases beneath the bed. The table can also be locked in the closed position, securing each persons luggage. The handles for pulling out the table is detailed as horizontal slits which allows to keep the face of the module clean without projections.

A provision for stationery-drawer is also made under the work table.

  • Year :2014
  • Client : RSST
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru