Brigade Galaxy Club

The Galaxy club is part of a large integrated township called the Brigade Gateway which comprises of a 5- star hotel, mall, multi-specialty hospital, office complex, school, playground and a 1000 unit residential enclave – all centered around a large man-made lake.

Evolving from the constraints of an odd shaped site, the scheme explores the possibilities of overlapping spatial volumes, which are animated through active circulation crossovers. A continuous access stairway runs along the length of the building, pausing at every floor to lead the user to the various facilities provided. These links are always visually connected to adjacent activities – the sports areas break free from the confines of an enclosed space and flow freely along the section of the building separated only by levels, staircases, seats or glass barriers in places where they are required. The sports fold consists of table tennis, squash, swimming pool, gym and badminton courts. The entrance lobby is also connected in section to these spaces. The ancillary facilities for these activities are flanked on the side opposite the main connecting stairway. Administrative offices, banquet halls and service cores are located to the rear end of the structure. Other facilities such as the billiards, aerobics hall, salon and restaurant are located on the upper floor with the connecting corridors providing the necessary visual linkages.

The coffee shop is located adjacent to the main entrance lobby on the ground floor, which activates the area around the man-made lake in the complex. The swimming pool and the restaurant are also located towards this side on the upper floors, thus enjoying a view of the lake. These spaces form part of the leisure fold along with a series of terraces.

The badminton seating profile is expressed in the massing as a curved profile. The dramatic sweeping mass of the exterior rises upwards looking towards the towering structures surrounding it. The curve of the adjacent office building is continued into the massing of the club. The main connecting stairway flanks the school playground exposing an array of seemingly floating masses on this side.

  • Year : 2010
  • Client : Brigade group
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru