Mantri club

The club house at Mantri Tranquil is part of a residential layout which includes multistoried apartments and penthouses located off the Kanakpura Main road, Bangalore.Surrounded by the 12 towering apartment blocks set along the site periphery, yet incorporated and interwoven within the landscape, is located the club house, comprising facilities such as a badminton court, squash, table tennis, spa and salon, banquet hall, convenience store and a small cafe.

The clubhouse is located along the main swimming pool and appears to rise from the surrounding landscape areas. As per the site conditions and prevailing contours, the outside landscape continues as the building, to form two bridges, one leading to the first floor, and the other to the second. The ground floor is accessed from inside the building. A movement corridor has been generated that goes through the building, yet detached from it. The clubhouse with its green terraces, therefore merge and seem like a part of the surrounding landscape.The two bridges lead to the two main entrances of the clubhouse, but can also be accessed from several other entries located in the building, giving it a porous quality and ensuring a free movement pattern through the building and providing entry at different levels.The ground floor consists of the banquet hall with an exclusive spill-over space, and other amenities such as convenience store, cafe, etc with direct access to the swimming pool. The upper floors house the indoor sports activities which can be accessed directly from the outside.

The blocks are placed at three levels considering the highest and lowest point, and an intermediate level. The blocks open up in the center to accommodate the existing trees on site. By opening up, the trees are framed, hence creating a lively space. The footprint of the building is generated as a response to the existing contours on site. The built form expresses itself as a layering of complimentary curves. The curves are minimized for the ease of construction while the structural grids are kept rigid.

In response to the levels on site, terraces were created at various levels that step down gently from the highest point to the pool level. The design is such that, at any given point from the outside, only the first and second floors are visible, while the ground floor is visually cut off as it is sunken from the surrounding ground level.

  • Year :2012
  • Client : mantri developers
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru