Brigade woodrose club

The site slopes veer gradually to the east and vegetation is very sparse to the middle of the site. There is cluster of mango trees on the southwest corner, which shows scope for quality usage of an existing ambiance. Avenue of silver oak, which is seen to be an effective path or axis. There is a boulevard of mango trees to the north, which has a strong quality of space within which needs to be exploited without destroying its pure nature.

The requirements can be grouped into three different categories based on their activities and the zoning is done based on these groups. One being the casual sports which includes shuttle, table tennis, gym etc the other being the quieter introverted business center and guest rooms.And bridging these two activities are the common facilities like the reception, lounge, office etc. The parking has the purely functional aspects like transformers, generators, electrical rooms, diesel stores, etc. and has been restricted to the basement

Movement to the pool is through the health club and sport facilities. Guest rooms open out into the terrace garden restaurant and bar. A separate external access to the badminton court is also given. Rooms get good view of the central green space. Central green climbs over into the upper levels, bringing them a feel of the ground. Only part of the site is motor able, giving maximum ground space for greenery. Service vehicles also move into the basement. Response to wind from the southwest is by providing large suction pockets.

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  • Year : 2005
  • Client : Brigade group
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru