RV light sculpture

This design-element was an addition made to a blank-wall which had hostel bathrooms and a ceremonial-court of an architecture-college on either side of it.This inclined concrete-plane formed a backdrop to the landscaped-space at the main-entry and so a sun-dial was planned here. As the project neared completion, the few louvers that had been planned to ventilate the bathrooms did not suffice and the space had to rely completely on artificial-light and ventilation. At this juncture, the sculpture that was planned needed to be worked with additional ventilators.

A solution was arrived upon which was expected to resolve both purposes. A series of 6” dia core-cuts were made in a pattern that was made to look artistic and also bypassed the structural beams and columns behind this wall.

Some of these core cuts were capped with glass for lighting and some with vents with exhaust fans behind for ventilation.

  • Year :2014
  • Client : RV Trust
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru