Belani Residence

The house is located on a large site – 100’x120’ and was meant for a family of four. It has been conceptualized as a series of curved planes rising from the landscape, connecting the house to its surroundings and bifurcating the spaces within into more intimate and scaled down entities. The landscape is integral to the design as it is the main entity that forms the external massing of the house. The inclined green roof merges with the balconies at the upper level, suppressing the scale of the exterior while creating private gardens from each and every area of the house. The house with its dense requirements needed this moderating factor while also providing an intimate space for its few users. The house opens out to gardens on all sides making it convenient to use it for larger parties as well.

The bedrooms on the upper floors also open out to the landscaped roofs cascading down to the ground as part of the external massing. A formal living room and a guest bedroom are part of the guest spaces while a family, open kitchen and dining along with the central swimming pool and staircase leading up to the first floor form the private zone. The pool becomes the focal point of the house, perceived from all spaces and thus unifying them. The service areas with the closed kitchen, utility and servant’s rooms are isolated to one end of the site. The master bedroom on the ground floor also enjoys a large private garden with a courtyard inside the toilet as well. The intersecting planes go right through the length of the house, defining the habitable spaces and exterior landscape thus having a strong interplay between landscape and design program. Though there are defined landscape and habitable spaces, visually all the spaces flow and complement each other.Though there is a strong influence of vasthu, the design has been explored to its fullest by understanding the terrain. Turbo vents were introduced above the pool area to draw out hot air.

  • Year : 2006
  • Client : Belani
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru