Nadeem residence

Located on the busy 100’ ring road in Domlur, this 12 bedroom residence was built for a large joint family. Apart from the main house, it also consists of a separate 3 bedroom residence for their sister, commercial space on the ground floor and the side abutting the main ring road and complete basement parking. The site measures 50’ x 160’ with roads along both the shorter sides. The main house starts on the first floor with a huge terrace garden serving as its entry. The commercial block towards the main road shields the house from traffic noise. There is also a central court within the house with skylights for natural light. The plan of the house is like that of a doubly-loaded corridor, with the living and family areas in the centre flanked by bedrooms on either side. The courtyard and cut-outs help in lighting up this central space and also connects the entire house visually.

The curved slab is the most striking feature of this building. It was the architectural expression chosen to break-up this otherwise dense structure. The tapering profile of the slab at the edge is done to accommodate the parapet. Gutters are incorporated in this profile with ducts beneath for rain water pipes. On the inside the volume of the house feels lighter and more airy due to the curved profile. Mezzanines are located in places where the height permits

The central open section and natural light within the house serve as a unifying factor despite the scale and size of requirements. Inspite of the visual connections, each of the three families has their own private living space around which their master bedroom and children’s bedrooms are located. There are also options of direct external access to each of these family areas. The common areas in the lower floor include the formal living room with the adjoining namaz area, the kitchen, dining and other utility spaces with the grandparent’s room located in the same zone. At the terrace level, there is the gym, home theatre and two extra bedrooms for guests.

This is an RCC framed structure, with floating columns from the first floor upwards, along both the longer sides. The infill material is mostly brick, including the slanting walls, with aerocon blocks used in certain areas to reduce the cantilever load. The curved roof is also in RCC with upturned beams in most places. The beams taper and merge with the slab towards the edges, thus making them inconspicuous from road level. For the terrace garden at the entry to the main house, the 2’ of filling for landscaping was done with a special coir material which is lighter than regular sand.

  • Date : 2005
  • Client : Nadeem
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru