RBD mock-up villa

The mock up was done for a corner plot in front of a main landscape area abetting the lake. the plot is 30' X 50'. The mock up is basically done for 20 villas.

The layout already existed with lots of partition walls between semi private spaces like living and dining. the design started with refining this spaces by making it more spacious and comfortable that lead to knocking of few masonry walls.

Ground floor had color scheme of grey, white, blue, wenge to keep the small spaces with as minimal colors and materials as possible.Each space had particular color scheme to give different space a different experience.

Similarly first floor had a color scheme like beige, grey, white and wenge where as children bedroom was made more playful with color schemes like beige,oak-ish and white color.

Finally the second floor had purple, white and teak with all the bought out materials matching to the selected color scheme like blinds, carpet, bed runners, cushions, rugs, painting and even the bought out furniture to blend in with the color scheme which finally co-exist with the design itself

  • Year : 2014
  • Client : RBD Shelters
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru