Vijay vanamala apartment

The brief was to design the interiors of a three bedroom apartment with a minimalist and contemporary approach located in south Bangalore. The clients had a fairly simple brief where in they needed the bedrooms,kitchen and living rooms to be detailed with all modern amenities. The clients led a very contemporary lifestyle and hence we re not very particular on having a dedicated dining space , but t the same time required one to entertain the guests, the family of three were insistent on converting the third bedroom into a study or work space, which could also be used a guest bedroom whenever the need arose.

Keeping the clients brief in mind the first approach taken toward the design was to eliminate masonary of the thrid bedroom and the kitchen hence making the samec more porous in terms of openess and visual connections.The design was taken forward by providing a sliding panel between the third bedroom and the rest of the living room hence making the space multifunctional. The dining table designed in such a way that the tables are slid into niches whenever they are not in use and slid out when needed.

  • Year : 2010
  • Client : Vijay & vanamala
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bengaluru